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Get Free-Based Email Service through AOL Email

AOL Mail is the free email service provider, to use the service you only need to create AOL email login. After creating the account and login credentials, you can anytime use this well-known email to send and receive the mails. AOL mail service is famous all around the world, as this has user-friendly features and advance settings that keep your mails safe. Here in this complete guide about AOL mail, you are going to learn about AOL login steps, how to resolve the login related problems, troubleshooting steps, and how to contact the AOL customer support.

About AOL Mail

The AOL mail service lets the users use their email service for free. It is owned by Verizon Communications and considered one of the pioneers of the webmail. The service is recognized as one of the most popular globally. With its great services and advance features, AOL mail has earned 20 million active monthly users. If you are looking for mail that can be adjustable according to you, then it AOL mail because it is available in 50 different languages.

AOL established in 1993 and get a great response in the late 1990s and early 2000. Being the older and significant name in the industry of mailing service, AOL got the years of experience in providing and this is very important for any business to win the trust of the people.

How To Create AOL Email Account?

Do you wish to create an AOL mail sign in the account? Well, you can create one very easily. Here in this section, you are going to show you the steps for creating an account and what information you will require while creating.

  1. Visit
  2. On the homepage, you will see log-in box
  3. Click on the text under it
  4. ‘Get a Free Username’
  5. Then you will be redirected to the AOL mail sign in form
  6. There you need to register yourself
  7. Now enter the required information as:
    • First Name – enter your real name here.
    • Last Name – now enter your last name or surname.
    • Username – here you have to decide your AOL email address and the prefix you like.
    • Password – now set a strong password to protect your AOL email login account.
    • Date of Birth – enter your correct age, as it is for age verification.
    • Gender – choose your gender.
    • Postcode – type your correct Zip Code.
    • Security Question – here select a question for security reasons.
    • Security Answer – now right the answer to the question you selected.
    • Mobile Phone Number – Provide AOL mail login with your in-use mobile number for security purposes.
    • Alternative Email – in the end, you have to give an alternative email address to secure your account.

Once you are done with all these details, now you can click on “Sign up” to register yourself with the AOL mail. After that you can also avail of the benefits of the services of AOL mail login, now send and receive your emails through AOL mail.

How To Login In My AOL Email Login Account?

Logging into the AOL account is as simple as creating its account, even more than that. After registering yourself with AOL, you only have to remember your AOL mail sign in credentials and the further process is straight forward. Follow the below simple steps to login AOL mail to enjoy its amazing mail services.

  1. Return or go to homepage
  2. Now in the Sign-In area enter your credentials
  3. Username or Email- Here enter your AOL email address
  4. Click Next
  5. Now enter your password
  6. Press Enter or click Sign In button

And you will land on your newly created AOL email page. Now you can take the benefits of an amazing AOL email service. However, while creating AOL mail login ID you should keep some points in your mind. Read the below points to remember:

  • Remember to enter your full email address, including suffix
  • Always make the password strong
  • Enter password same as you have entered in sign up form
  • If you want, you can also connect your AOL mail login account with social media pages
  • Always ensure that you use official AOL page
  • Before entering your mail credentials stay aware from frauds

AOL Mail Login Problems: How to Fix them?

Once in a while, when using the AOL email login service, you may get into trouble, but this doesn’t mean that AOL is a difficult mail to use. Some of the errors in the AOL can restrict you from using it. However, fortunately, most of these issues have simple solutions and can be solved in a couple of minutes. Along with providing the best AOL email service, it also provides the support service and expert guide, so that users who are facing any error with the AOL email can solve using troubleshooting steps directed by the experts.

In the AOL typing error is the most common error, therefore for this always ensure that CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK both are off in keyboard.

At times, the user may experience the black screen error, and this issue occurs very occasionally in AOL. While signing in the AOL, your screen will show you a black screen. Hence, to clear out this problem, delete your web browser cookies and cache from the settings.

In any case, if this solution fails to resolve this issue, then check the Java applet scripting and cookies are enables. Or you can also try sign in AOL mail from a different browser. If any users don’t use or sign in AOL mail then the account will automatically become inactive. Hence, you will stop receiving the emails, though you will be able to activate the account by signing in. However, in case if you have not signed in more than 365 days, then your account will automatically get deleted. After this, you won’t be able to reactive your account.

How To Reset The AOL Mail Login Password Or Username?

As today so many different services are available for the people to use, and most of them demand a password. So it has become very common for people to forget their passwords. Therefore, if you have also forgotten the password of your AOL mail account then recover it because this email service provider has a built-in security system for such events.

  1. If you are unable to remember your password, you can simply click on the link ‘Forgot Password?’ on the sign-in page.
  2. Next, you have to follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. When you are done with this process, your password will reset.
  4. Now you can access your AOL account with the new password.
  5. You will get your new password safely.

Forgot AOL mail login password is not that much daunting as- forgotten username. Why resetting the username is so difficult? Resetting of the username with AOL mail is a very daunting task because it doesn’t provide any service to recover the username. However, if you have a mobile phone number and also an alternative email address that is linked with your AOL account, so there are chances that you could revive your AOL username. You can retrieve your username by taking the help of the customer support of AOL, but it is not a hundred percent sure that it will work.

How To Download The AOL Email App?

Though, mobile users can access their AOL mail account through their phone’s web browser but to get easier and more convenient service, get the AOL app. Currently, the AOL app is available for mobile and tablet users who are using either Android or Apple iOS operating systems.

Follow the below steps to easily download the AOL mail app in your Smartphone:

  1. Go to Google Play or Apple Store
  2. Now type the AOL mail app in search box
  3. Click on “AOL- News, Mail & Video’ option
  4. You will see it at the top of the search result
  5. Click on download
  6. Next, wait until it completely gets installed

Congratulations! AOL App is successfully downloaded in your Smartphone, now you can use the AOL mail logging account wherever you go. Using AOL in a mobile phone is the most convenient way to use and to receive and send all your emails instantly or when you want to do it.

The above guide has already taught you so much about the AOL mail sign in, how to log in, reset password and more. We have also given a few troubleshooting steps to follow when face issues in AOL. However, if you still face any issue with AOL, then you can immediately connect with the AOL customer support.